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Smart Card Equipment Suppliers

There are currently hundreds of smart card equipment suppliers and smartcard technology resellers offering a multitude of solutions and products yet only six manufacturers account for about 96% of the chips and five smart card manufacturers supply most of the cards.

Card Technology Buyer's Guide - online listing allowing you to search for leading providers of emerging trends and technologies servicing all the industries using smart and chip cards.

Yahoo Smart Card Directory - listing of smartcard related firms and information.

IDFocus Resource Guide - online products and services guide listing the leading providers of biometrics, card manufacturing, ID systems, PKI, security, smart card services, testing, and much more for international ID/security, biometric and smart card industry decision-makers. Smart Dynamics provides expert smart card software and hardware integration consulting services.

3601 Wilson Blvd, Suite 500, Arlington, Virginia 22201
Phone: (703) 312-7383 Fax: (703) 812-5190

The ACI Worldwide Commerce Framework is an end-to-end solution set that spans the payments value chain, offering software to enable transaction initiation through Web and wireless channels, process transactions in real time, and automate back office functions associated with settlement, dispute processing, fraud detection and account service.

ACI’s smart card offerings enable card issuers to manage all the functions associated with issuance and control of their chip cards. ACI Smart Chip Manager™ automates functions throughout a card’s life cycle, from initialization to downloading of new applications. ACI’s custom smart card solutions support a variety of stored value schemes. Our real-time processing systems can support transactions originating via smart cards as well as traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Offices in Toronto and Edmonton   Card personalization equipment manufacturer. Datacard offers the world's largest and most popular portfolio of ID software, card printers, capture solutions and supplies. We can configure these superior components to create a complete photo ID system that meets your precise needs.

The ERG Group designs and supplies a wide range of products which are used on buses, trams, ferries and station platforms for processing contactless smart cards. Hardware products include driver consoles, on-board smart card processors, hand held card readers, gate adaption kits, platform smart card processors, smart card office terminals and add value machines.

Fastcards Online is a service offered to anyone through the Fastcards secure website. Fastcards specialises in Photo ID Cards, Contact and Contactless Smart Cards and Secure online card issuance. Fastcards Online is particularly suited to small organisations not wanting to invest in their own card printer but who are wanting to securely upload their data and photo onto a Photo ID Card. These can be on a PVC Card, Self Adhesive PVC Card, an access control card or a contact or contactless smart card. Our in-house Graphic Artist can create a unique and attractive card design template to help you create your Photo ID cards

ActivCard Corp.

ActivCard Corp.  a global provider of identity assurance solutions for secure remote access, single sign-on, enterprise access cards, and multi-channel identification and verification.

ActivCard Enterprise Access Card consolidates employee logical credentials onto a single, secure smart card providing a photo ID as well as a security device that enables secure Windows and network login, PC 'locking', secure remote access (VPN), secure email with digital signatures, and single sign-on to enterprise and desktop applications.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.

Aladdin is a leader in digital security, providing solutions for software Digital Rights Management and Internet security.

Aladdin products include: eToken™, providing cost-effective strong user authentication and password management solutions; the eSafe® line of integrated content security solutions, protecting networks against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; and HASP®, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) suite of protection and licensing solutions featuring a hardware-based system.

eToken NG-FLASH – USB Smart Card Authentication Token with Flash Memory combines the high security of a smart-card-based USB authentication device with the benefits of flash memory. It enables secure access to networks and applications, secure online transactions, data encryption, PC boot protection, secure credential storage, mobile mass data storage, and more.

Ontario Distributors

Arthur Blank & Co

Arthur Blank & Co., a leader in card marketing solutions now produces high quality laminated plastic cards in smaller volumes with faster production cycles through its short-run division in Boston.

“The value of gift and membership cards, and loyalty and couponing programs is being embraced by companies of all sizes,” said Eric Blank, executive vice-president, Arthur Blank & Co. “Demand from our print brokers for high quality, short-run card printing is fueling the expansion of our production capacity.”

Orders as low as 500 standard credit card-sized laminated cards are now available. Further information about Arthur Blank & Co. can be found by visiting , or calling (800) 776-7333.


Axalto is the world's leading provider of microprocessor cards (Gartner Dataquest 2004) and a major supplier of point-of-sale terminals. Its 4,500 employees come from 70 nationalities and serve customers in more than 100 countries, with worldwide sales reaching 3 billion smart cards to date. The company has 25 years' experience in smart card innovation in security technology and open systems.

Axalto has products for use in a variety of applications in the telecommunications, finance, retail, transport, entertainment, healthcare, personal identification, information technology and public sector markets. Microprocessor cards provide convenience, security and privacy to public and private services operators, their customers and end users.

Axalto Smart Card Marketplace - Axalto is the leading provider of microprocessor card solutions in the world with a global market share of 27% in 2003.

Axalto Canada Ltd
620 Cathcart Street, Suite 864
Montreal, PQ Canada
H3B 1M1

Bioscrypt Inc.

Bioscrypt Inc. is a provider of identity verification technology such as fingerprint-based biometrics for simple and secure access to facilities, equipment and information.  Bioscrypt's patented technology is interoperable with leading fingerprint sensors and is both platform and operating system independent.

CryptoIdentity Secure USB Token - Italian manufacturer Eutron Infosecurity.


China-Vision specializes in the R&D, production, and marketing of RFID and smart card contactless readers and terminals. China-Vision won the contract for the Second Generation Chinese National ID Card Project, the largest RFID project in the world, becoming one of the authorized manufacturers and suppliers.

China-Vision's CV3XXX plug and play OEM reader module family is a contactless smart card read and write device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B.

China-Vision's CV6xxx desktop reader family is a contactless smartcard read and write device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B. It is designed based on a powerful 8-bit microprocessor. It is easy to use as a smart card reader/writer via USB / RS232 interface. A TCP/IP network version is also available.

CV5xxx access control door reader family is a contactless proximity read/write and read only device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B and Mifare + EM 125kHz dual frequency. CV5xxx is easy to use as access control door reader via Wiegand, RS232 or RS485 interface or TCP/IP network version is available

China-Vision's Intelligent "time attendance" family is a contactless smart card read/write and read only device that supports ISO14443A Mifare, technology. TCP/IP version is available as option.

Caradas Connexus Platform

The Caradas Connexus Platform is the first end-to-end solution for seamlessly integrating new and existing applications and security infrastructures with a broad range of identity, credential, access and relationship management frameworks based on smart cards, PDAs, wireless devices and other intelligent tokens. The Connexus Platform product suite consists of:

-- Caradas' Connexus(TM) Gatekeeper -- a comprehensive credential authentication system that allows smart card issuers to rapidly and cost-effectively augment Internet/Intranet applications for smart card token acceptance.

-- Caradas' Connexus Manager(TM) -- a credential management system that allows smart card issuers to focus on card life after issuance to rapidly and effectively create true business value through differentiation, complimentary services and a deeper customer relationship.

-- Caradas' Connexus(TM) Client -- issuer brandable PC software that implements multiple authentication protocols and enables smart card issuers to rapidly and cost-effectively manage smart card application software distribution during program launch and for years to come.


CardLogix manufactures smart cards and software for the secure transaction of identity, data, and value. The company enables comprehensive smart card system completion, from development kits through integration, as well as smart card readers, Evolis card printers, and a wide range of printing options. Worldwide, CardLogix supplies to applications in Secure ID/Access, Healthcare, Gaming, and Transportation, as well as many other industries.

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ChengDu Mind Golden Card System Co., Ltd

Smart cards, wristbands, smartcard readers.

Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc

Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc., is the world's leading full-service solution provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport, including bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, commuter rail, heavy rail, ferry and parking. Cubic's solutions and services include system design, central computer systems, equipment design and manufacturing, device-level software, integration, test, installation, warranty, maintenance, computer hosting services, call centre services, card management and distribution services, financial clearing and settlement, multi-application support and outsourcing services.

Feitian Technologies

ROCKEY1 was among the first commercial dongles manufactured in China. The ROCKEY5 dongle employs the latest in smart card technology.

In 2000 Feitian released the ePass1000 network authentication token along with its first PKCS and CAPI middleware for the Windows platform. Development on the ePass2000 token began several months later. ePass2000 uses a smart card to securely store digital certificates and internally process encryption algorithms.

The ROCKEY200 and ROCKEY400 smart card reader technology followed the ePass development efforts. ROCKEY200/400 are USB attached smart card readers that support the PC/SC interface and comply with ISO7816.

Gemplus International S.A.

Gemplus International S.A. is the world's leading player in the smart card industry in both revenue and total shipments (source: Gartner-Dataquest (2004), Frost & Sullivan, Datamonitor.). It has sold over 4 billion smart cards. With 2,400 patents produced by its R&D team, Gemplus delivers a wide range of solutions in areas including Identity, Mobile Telecommunications, Public Telephony, Banking, Retail, Transport, Healthcare, WLAN, Pay-TV, e-government, and access control.

Giesecke & Devrient

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a technology leader in the field of smart cards, providing systems and solutions for telecommunications, electronic payment transactions, transportation, health care, ID, customer loyalty, pay-TV, identity and multimedia applications as well as Internet security (PKI- public key infrastructure).  The Giesecke & Devrient Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, operates subsidiaries and joint ventures all over the world. G&D employs around 6,800 people worldwide and generates an annual revenue in excess of €1.05 billion.

G&D manufacture traditional passports and provide passport personalization systems for many countries along with highly secure electronic passports. G&D has also been a leading provider of contactless technology since 1995. Serving on ICAO and other committees ensures that G&D is at the forefront of formalizing the interoperability standards of new technological innovations in smart cards.

HID Corporation

HID Corp. is a global supplier of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry. With over 200 million credentials (cards, fobs and keys) in use worldwide, HID uses 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz RFID card and reader technology for a wide range of applications including access control, IT secure authentication, time and attendance, digital cash/cashless vending, automotive vehicle identification, and biometric verification.

HID's product line includes iCLASS(R) 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and readers, 125 kHz proximity, magnetic stripe, and Wiegand technology cards and readers. The company also provides specialized card manufacturing services including custom pre-printed graphics, microprinting and anti-counterfeiting elements, holograms or ultraviolet ink for increased card security. HID has headquarters in Irvine, with international offices supporting more than 100 countries and is part of the ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology Group.

INSIDE Contactless

Headquartered in France with a global presence in China, Singapore, Poland and the USA, INSIDE Contactless is a fabless semiconductor provider, delivering a platform for contactless applications including bank card payments and Near Field Communications (NFC). INSIDE is involved in numerous industry initiatives, including the NFC Forum; as well as the IN-CLUB Limited, which is a non-profit association that brings together companies in the Payment, ID, Mass Transit and Mobile application markets, to collaborate on contactless applications and initiatives.

NDS Group Plc 

NDS Group Plc., a News Corporation company, and the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV has 51.8 million active digital TV smart cards as of 02/05.  DIRECTV will be using NDS's MediaHighway middleware to create a wide range of advanced TV applications, as well as their XTV technology for its new generation DVRs that DIRECTV will launch later this year.

NXP Semiconductors, the newly independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, invented MIFARE which is the industry standard for contactless and dual interface smart card and reader technology operating at 13.56Mhz. Operating in full accordance with ISO 14443 - the international standard for contactless smart cards and readers. The diversity of the MIFARE product portfolio provides customers with a smart identification technology suitable for use in public transport applications and a wide array of scenarios where physical access control is required for ID, employee and company/building access cards.

MIFARE DESFire8, the latest addition to NXPs MIFARE smart card platform is the first contactless IC on the market to support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as well as common cryptography methods such as DES and 3DES. Due to the advanced cryptographic engines for data transmissions, service providers opting for MIFARE DESFire8 will benefit from increased security reducing fraud and counterfeit tickets. End users can also feel reassured that their privacy is well protected.

The flexible file structure of MIFARE DESFire8 allows up to 28 applications on a single card, each containing up to 32 files.

Oberthur Card Systems

With sales of 430.1 million Euros in 2003, Oberthur Card Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of card-based solutions, software and applications including SIM and multi-application smart cards as well as services ranging from consulting to personalization. Oberthur Card Systems is a subsidiary of the François-Charles Oberthur Group.

OTI - On Track Innovations Ltd.

Established in 1990, OTI designs, develops and markets secure contactless microprocessor-based smart card technology to address the needs of a wide variety of markets. Applications developed by OTI include product solutions for petroleum payment systems, homeland security solutions, electronic passports and IDs, micro payments, mass transit ticketing, parking, loyalty programs and secure campuses. OTI has a global network of regional offices to market and support its products.  

Perfect Plastic Printing

Since 1965, Perfect Plastic Printing has been manufacturing financial transaction cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics AB is a security company that supplies systems for fingerprint and smart card-based authentication. which replace keys, PIN codes and passwords and enhance the integrity of ID cards and passports.

It uses its proprietary Precise Match-on-Card (TM) technology in smart ID cards. Through its subsidiary Fyrplus Teknik, Precise Biometrics delivers complete biometrics solutions using fingerprint, iris and facial recognition.

The range of products includes systems for access control to buildings, computers and networks and for integration into mobile phones and portable computers as well as ID cards and passports. The company headquarters are in Lund, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and a U.S. subsidiary in Washington, D.C.

Renesas Technology Corp.

The world’s number two supplier of microcontrollers for smart cards.

Smart Card Focus - U.K. online shop also ships to U.S.

SAFLINK Corporation

SAFLINK Corporation offers biometric security and smart card solutions that protect intellectual property, secure information assets, and eliminate passwords. SAFLINK's software provides Identity Assurance Management (TM), allowing administrators to verify identity and control access to computer networks, physical facilities, applications, and time and attendance systems.

SAFLINK's products include SAFpassage, designed to provide secure, auditable, and scalable physical access control, and SAFcard, which allows enterprises to increase security by adding strong authentication technology to existing premises security systems and replacing PINs or pass code.

Litronic, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAFLINK and global provider of secure identity management and information assurance products for the government and commercial markets, offers protection for popular applications such as e-mail, instant messaging, web transactions, and individual files.  800-762-9595.

SuperCom, Ltd.

SuperCom, Ltd. provides solutions in smart-card and e-ID technologies to the commercial and government sectors. The Company offers a wide range of standard and customized smart-card-based solutions for physical and logical security, education, corrections facilities and air & seaports.

It also manufactures secure and durable documents such as national identity cards, passports, visas, drivers' licenses and vehicle registration to improve homeland security, governmental efficiency and document ease of use. Headquartered in Israel, SuperCom has subsidiaries in the US and Hong Kong.

Texas Instruments - RFid Systems

Texas Instruments ( TI-RFid Systems ) is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders and reader systems. Capitalizing on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging, TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications. For more information, contact TI-RFid Systems at 1-888-937-6536 (North America) or +1 972-575-4364 (International).

US Biometrics in Naperville, IL designs and deploys a range of biometric technologies for financial, corporate, governmental, healthcare, manufacturing, and educational clients who require absolute authentication of customers and employees.

VASCO "Identity Authentication" Products

VASCO designs, develops, markets and supports patented "Identity Authentication" products for e-business and e-commerce. VASCO's Identity Authentication software is delivered via its Digipass hardware and software security products. For user access control, VASCO's VACMAN products guarantee that only designated Digipass users get access to the application.

 With over 13,5 million Digipass products sold and ordered, VASCO has established itself as a world-leader for strong Identity Authentication with over 350 international financial institutions and approximately 1,400 blue-chip corporations and governments located in more than 80 countries. VASCO Data Security International, Inc.


VentaVia in California provides Smart Card USB and wireless security products to the information industry, as well as associated design/build services to System Integrators. The CKEY is a USB Smart Card key, designed specifically for use in embedded microprocessor systems. The high-end JavaCard design provides a highly trusted component for traditional embedded system applications, such as security lockboxes, drug dispensaries, and ammunition control lockers. Updatable from a PC, the audit features and cryptographic properties protect evidence that holds users accountable to their access to sensitive devices. Lower cost CKEY versions use secure memory and identification fields for less sensitive applications.

The CKEY product range is supported by design/build services for the underlying digital circuits and associated USB, microprocessor and JavaCard firmware programming.

The CKEY is available with biometric sensor support, for operating environments suited to identifying users via fingerprints.


ViVOtech provides software technology that allows consumers to make contactless lifestyle payment transactions with a radio frequency (RF) enabled credit or debit card in various form factors, an infrared/RF enabled cell phone, PDA or an access card at existing point-of-sale (POS) systems.

ViVOtech's software allow banks, retailers, merchant acquirers and wireless operators to offer customers a choice of payment devices and enriched payment services that work with existing infrastructure making contactless payments faster than cash, safer than checks.

ViVOtech has shipped more than 50,000 contactless payment readers that are being used at Fast Food Restaurants (QSR), Casual Dining, Petroleum stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Specialty Stores, Drug Stores, Corporate Cafeterias, Parking Garages, and Movie Theaters.

* Access ID
* American Bank Note Holographics Inc
* Antheus Technology, Inc.
* Artisyn Synthetic Paper
* Asian Identification Systems
* Athena Smartcard Solutions
* Atlantic Zeiser
* AudioSmartCard SA
* Axalto
* Barnes International Ltd
* Bowe Bell & Howell
* Burkle Process Technologies
* Castles Technology
* Caxton Mark Inc.
* Cherry Electrical Products
* Clean Team Company
* Cogent Systems, Inc.
* CPI Card Group
* Crown Roll Leaf, Inc.
* Cryptography Research
* Datacard Group
* Datastrip
* DealerNet, Inc.
* Dynetics Engineering Corporation
* Excelec
* FARGO Electronics, Inc.
* Fiserv EFT
* Freeman Company
* Fuji Photo Film USA
* Ga-Vehren Engineering, Inc.
* GCC America Inc.
* Giesecke & Devrient
* GreenCorp Magnetics Pty Ltd
* Honeywell Access Systems
* HW Sands
* Identix
* Kurz Group (The )
* Labcal Technologies, Inc.
* LaserCard Systems Corp.
* Logico Smart Card Solutions
* MagTek, Inc.
* Melzer maschinenbau GmbH
* Micropross
* Muhlbauer, Inc.
* NAGRA ID Ltd. (Kudelski Group)
* N-Five Software
* Oasys Technologies Ltd.
* Oce Printing Systems Inc
* OTI America
* Paul Liebinger USA
* Perfect Plastic Printing
* Peripheral Dynamics Inc. (PDI)
* Philips Semiconductors
* Plastag Corporation
* Precise Biometrics
* Proman Products
* Q-Card
* SCM Microsystems Inc.
* Scratch Off Systems, Inc.
* Sharp Microelectronics
* Sony Chemicals Corporation of America
* Spartanics
* STMicroelectronics
* Superior Tape & Label Inc.
* TDS Todos Data System AB
* Telepak
* Ultra Electronics Card Systems
* Vanguard ID Systems
* Venango Machine
* Viisage Technology
* William Exline Inc.
* XTec, Inc.

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