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Proprietary Smart Card Diagnostic Software for Smartcard Readers and Programmers

ID Ally from Identity Alliance provides everything you need to begin deploying and using smart cards for security purposes. It provides the necessary software components to enable your smart card with a variety of applications and purposes such as:

Email Signing / Encryption using Outlook
Web Authentication using Internet Explorer
Signing and Encryption using Adobe Acrobat
Password wallet for secure password storage
Enrollment using Windows 2003 CA
Certificate Auto-Enrollment Options
Digital ID (certificate) Self-Enrollment Tool
Mozilla/Firefox Email, Web Authentication
Caching for convenience and speed
Utility for viewing certs and changing pin and unblocking
Card applet management capability
Easy to Use Installer and Documentation

ID Ally is FREE for personal use, and has a 30 day free trial for professional use so you can trial the software before choosing whether to license it. Using Windows 2000 or XP, you can use the provided installer to install all the components and documentation needed to begin.


Smart Card Explorer is a directory/file-oriented utility to quickly navigate through microprocessor cards from the leading manufacturers of smart cards. Over 20 of the most popular card readers are also supported.

15 day trial - $99 USD

EZ Formatter provides users with a simple way to interact with smart cards and readers, enabling them to:

* Format blank cards
* Personalize Cards
* Verify card authenticity
* Test card security schemes
* Review actual transmission codes, and
* Demonstrate smart card based systems

$199 USD

EZ Component empowers programmers with the ability to create new smart card applications by plugging into Borland’s popular Delphi programming environment.

$159 USD

The EZ Demonstration Suite offers smart card system providers the ability to rapidly and economically develop demonstrations for prospective customers. This product facilitates tailoring of presentations for maximum impact.

$499 USD

SD Security is a toolkit for building smart card enabled network security applications. Cryptographic operations such as key generation, digital signature, encryption, certificate management, and private key storage can now all take place securely on the smart card.

Call for pricing

SD Loyalty provides the mechanism to tailor a smart card based loyalty program to your business needs and build long lasting customer relationships.

Call for pricing.

Datacard® ID Works® identification software - evaluation software.

Vianet Identity Information Software - Datacard offers several software packages that will satisfy your card identification needs and deliver the essential tools for designing cards and reports, entering data, capturing images and producing ID cards and reports in full-color.  - software demonstration.

Application Development Tools from Giesecke & Devrient -

For test purposes of our application development toolkit, a demo version of the Sm@rtCafé Professional Toolkit 2.0.

Offers a complete environment to develop and test JavaTM based applets in an easy and secure way. An integrated loader enables dynamical downloading of applets even after card issuance.

Though the PC simulation uses the Sm@rtCafé card virtual machine, an applet can be downloaded to any JavaTM card that complies with the required standards (Java Card 2.1.1,Open Platform 2.0.1’).

Multi-functional cards demand for multi-functional tools. The Toolkit not only allows single development and testing in different card environments but also symbolic debugging on source code level and even cap file level. A whole set of cryptographic functionalities is supported, so the Toolkit meets the requirements for very different solutions and markets. Designed for MS Windows 2000 or MS Windows NT 4.0 SP5 (or higher), the user interface is easy to handle and offers a variety of valuable applications.


Keycorp has developed an open architecture multi-application operating system, OSSCA, which enables multiple applications to reside securely on the same card. In January 1999, Keycorp released the world's first implementation of the MULTOS 4 operating system.

OSSCA - Keycorp's proprietary multi-application smartcard operating system. OSSCA enables a single card to support applications as diverse as loyalty, GSM, parking, network access control, transport, telephone and electronic purse.

OSSCA was developed to allow the secure coexistence and execution of multiple applications on one card. OSSCA provides a secure platform for third party application development dynamic downloading and secure storage of application code and data.

It can be used to quickly and easily implement virtually any smartcard application from a simple access control application through to the most complex application such as GSM SIM (subscriber identification module).

One of the main strengths of OSSCA is its Virtual Machine layer which separates applications from the rest of the operating system. The OSSCA Virtual Machine is based on a tokenised version of the ANSI standardised Forth language, resulting in rapid development of exceptionally compact and efficient applications.

OSSCA can be implemented on either cryptographic or non-cryptographic smartcard microprocessors with available application memory of 16 kbytes. This scalability enables the card issuer to select the appropriate memory, security level and cost for the intended use of the card, creating cost-effective differentiated products targeted at the requirements of specific demographic groups.

SIM (subscriber identification module) -  Keycorp offers a complete SIM development capability, including: developing the operating system and applications, creating the masks, manufacturing the SIM cards, and personalising the SIM.

Keycorp continues to enhance its SIM product line by adopting the latest GSM standards and by developing proprietary applications to meet specific customer needs.


Gemplus has developed a range of tools boosting developers efficiency/ productivity in JavaCard applet development.

For generic applet development, look for the GemXpresso RAD (Rapid Application Development)

For applications on SIM card, including SIM Toolkit applications, look for the GemXplore Case

Philips Semiconductor

Companies that provide hardware and software tools for the development of software (ROM Code) for Philips Semiconductors smart card controllers. Philips Semiconductors smart card controller development software.

Raisonance Smart Card Development Tools

The CardPro Software Development Kit includes all you need to start writing applications using smartcards and it includes the following::

CardPro Smartcard reader/writer -Serial Version
SCOS 64KbitEEPROM Smartcard
PC/SC Drivers

Smart card developers tools from SCM Microsystems -

The Cyberflex Access SDK (V4.4) - $349 - is the most comprehensive support for multi-functional Java-programmable and cryptographic smart cards for PC applications. It enables developers and card issuers to exploit the capabilities of the latest Java™ (Cyberflex) and file system (Cryptoflex) smart cards for a wide variety of applications, including securing communications over the Internet:

developing and dynamically loading Java applets
integrating custom PC applications
configuring cards for crypto services
smart card enabled security application - digital signature generation and verification, authentication and encryption/decryption

The Cyberflex Access SDK 4.4 features a more robust and powerful toolkit application with improved user interface. It includes on-board RSA key generation for Cryptoflex 8/16/32K cards, Cyberflex Access 32K, 64K V1 and e-gate 32K cards (Cryptoflex and Cyberflex).

Cyberflex Access and Cryptoflex have both received retail export classification from the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration, so the Software Development Kit can be exported to developers worldwide, except for certain restricted countries.

Dekart Key Manager - $30 - management tool for USB keys and smart cards. Key Manager creates a back up copy of the USB key or smart card and stores it in protected file. The protected file can be stored in a secure location. If the user loses the device, Key Manager will create a replacement copy from a back up. The user will not lose valuable data and access to protected resources.

Key Manager allows you to browse and interpret content of the memory of a USB key or smart card. It gives the administrator complete knowledge about all Dekart applications that store data on the key. Data can be moved from one key to another, edited and stored back on the key. 

Dekart Key Formatting Utilities prepare a USB key or smart card for use by Dekart products. The utility is powerful, simple and convenient to use. The formatting utility can automatically determine the formatting required by different keys or smart cards (over twenty different devices can be recognized and properly formatted.

Dekart Key Formatting Utilities can format up to 127 devices at the same time, during a single session. They also allow you to share devices with applications from other vendors.

s-Choice Smart Card Operating System: ISO compliant smart card operating system for the Atmel AT90SC3232cs and/or AT90SC6464C smart card modules.