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Source code for a generic USB CCID (Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices) driver

You can flash the firmware of certain Reflex USB v.2 readers using tools from SCM's website to make it look like a CCID reader. Once this is done, you can use the free CCID driver for pcsc-lite.

The firmware is available at: 

Firmware V5.18 is a firmware flashing utility for the SCR331 firmware is required and available at:

After this, use the CCID driver (not the slb_rfUSB driver) and run pcsctest without any problems.

GemCore based PC/SC reader drivers

Gemplus GemCore Reader Driver for Linux MUSCLE PC/SC driver

This library provides PC/SC IFD handler implementation for Gemplus GemCore based serial and USB smart cards readers.

The serial readers:

* GemPC410
* GemPC412
* GemPC413-SL
* GemPC415

and the USB readers:

* GemPC430
* GemPC432
* GemPC435

are tested and supported.

Those drivers are needed to communicate with the Gemplus smartcard readers through the PC/SC Lite resource manager.

Feitian Technologies is a Chinese firm which has various smartcard and security dongle devices such as the Rockey Dongle, the ePass Network Token and the Rockey Smart Card Reader.

Drivers for the FTsafe Rockey line of Rockey and ePass Series.