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Smart Card News - subscription-based from the U.K.

Smart Card Usage Statistics

ACI Smart Card News

CardTechnology - Smart Card Industry Magazine - subscription based with teasers.

CardTechnology News Bulletins - backlog of two years of smart card news

Free Card Technology E-mail Updates - email bulletin on smart cards

CR80 Smart Card News - free email reports from Avisian - The publication's focus is the utilization of identification technologies on college, university, and corporate campuses.

Contactless Smart Card News - free email reports from Avisian - A source for news and information on the use of RFID technology for personal identification.

Secure ID News - free email report from Avisian - Covers the utilization of card technology, smart cards, or biometrics while examining the entire sphere of identification technologies and their implementation.

Smart Card Manufacturing News - Articles, news and resources on smart card industry from ICMA's card manufacturing magazine.

Biometrics Newsletter Archive from BioXS in the Netherlands

Card Technology Today - Subscription from Elsevier $850 U.S.  Complimentary access to one issue online.

ATM Machines and Smart Cards - search results from ATM Marketplace

Biometric Watch - Keep pace with all the global advancements in the fascinating world of biometric technology, reading about new products, new applications, case studies and keeping up to date on both the successes and challenges in the industry.  Make Biometric Watch is your number one independent news source. Biometric Watch is written in a direct, easy to understand manner without all the technical jargon sometimes associated with technology journals.

SmartCard Trends - subscription based magazine issued seven times per year.

Outlook for adoption of Smart Card Technology in North America - article

Smart Card Article Search - numerous magazines - insert relevant keywords into form at page bottom

Smartcard Search Results from EEtimes for "smart cards". - 200 results

Search for Smart Card articles at IT-analysis - enter smart cards

Digital ID World Magazine - subscription based