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Phidget USB RFID Kit $70.75 USD

This kit comes with:

1 Phidget RFID Reader
6 30mm disc RFID Tags
2 Credit card sized RFID Tags
2 Keyfob RFID Tags
1 6 foot USB cable

The Phidget RFID has a read range of approximately 4 inches. The reader reads EM4102 type tags and operates at 125 Kilohertz.

The RFID has some new additional features!
* A +5V output so that you can power an external relay if you wish for use in security or doorway systems etc.
* A +5V LED output for driving an external LED.
* An onboard LED on the board (Green).
* Added ability to turn off RFID as desired.

The PhidgetRFID board is a USB-based controller for Radio Frequency IDentification applications. The PhidgetRFID has a read range of approximately 3 inches for the three types of RFID tags available from Phidgets Inc. The tags are read only devices with unique ID's

No other power is required, the Universal Serial Bus supplies the all the power.

The PhidgetRFID board can be controlled from a variety of Software Development Environments. In Visual Basic the PhidgetManager, IPhidget and PhidgetRFID software component provide a high level programmer interface for the entire line of Phidget controllers. Other software development environments, C++, Labview, Delphi, are support through libraries and a DLL are provided for quick and easy development.

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