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Fingerprint scanner supplier - Smartprint from Labcal

SmartPrint authentication systems allow a user's fingerprint characteristics to be compressed, encrypted and stored for reference on a secure token (smart card) during a registration process. Thereafter, the system can identify users by sensing their live fingerprints and comparing them with the biometric references stored on their tokens.

Furthermore, PKI key pairs can be generated on the card itself, ensuring that the private signing key will never leave the secure token. This feature lays the groundwork for the non-repudiation security requirements of public key infrastructures. Since the users' fingerprints are stored on their tokens (in their possession at all times), the authentication process is faster and more robust, and privacy concerns are no longer an issue since the system is not dependent on a centralized database.

The Checker can read an individual’s fingerprint and compare it to a compressed digital biometric profile stored on their card. The Checker then displays its data (the owner’s name, identification number, and/or any other records) on its LCD display for a highly secure identification.

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