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Smart card standards and technical specifications of the
Belgian Electronic Identity Card ( BelPIC ) files and objects.
  Highly technical PDF document with 35 pages of encoding / ASN.1 syntax card codes and diagrams from ZETES.  The third party applications that may be added onto the card are not covered.  Only the DF(BelPIC) and the DF(ID) are covered in the document from Belgium. References to programming terms below.

private key directory file public key directory file persistent data
dedicated file DF(x) elementary file EF(x) application identifier
GetCardData mutual authentication external authentication
certificate verification transparent elementary file non-repudiation certificate
TLV format belpic card driver PKCS#15 application

Godot's Belgian EID Card And Belpic Statistical Information Website

Belgian citizen, Danny De Cock, has produced a number of open-source applications to illustrate how digital signatures can be computed with the Belgian eID card, and a few Java applets, i.e., to view the eID card's content (and to change the pin securely), and to show how it can be used with open-source smart card SSH clients and open-source smart card SFTP clients.

1. a tool to view the content of an Belgian eID card and which allows you to securely change your PIN personal identification number on your smartcard reader (provided you are using a DP 850), or via a pseudo-secure pinpad if no supported reader with secure pinpad is detected.

2. an SSH applet to establish a secure shell between your local computer and a (remote) SSH server. If the applet finds a DP 850 smartcard reader, you will be asked to enter your PIN on that reader, if not, you will be asked to enter your PIN through his clever pseudo-secure PIN pad.

3. an SFTP applet to establish a secure file transfer application to securely transfer files between your local computer and a (remote) SSH server. You can enter your PIN through the pseudo-secure PIN pad, or on the pinpad reader.

4. an applet which allows you to read out your public (authentication) key from an eID card. The (remote) SSH server requires this key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file if you want to use the SSH and/or SFTP applets.

Links to Belgian eID card reference material.

British Biometric Citizen Identity Cards Approved

02/05 - A controversial scheme for national identity cards has been approved by the British House of Commons.

Under the bill, a register will hold the details of every British citizen or resident. It will include "biometrics," such as fingerprints and images of the iris. The bill provides the power to make the cards compulsory at a later date, which the Home Office has estimated at 2010 to 2012.

Britain's Identity Cards Bill, if passed by all government levels, would mandate ID cards that include a citizen's name, address and biometric information such as fingerprints, facial scans and iris scans, according to a recent report by IDG's News Service in London. The collected data from millions of citizens would be deposited in a massive database called the National Identification Register under a plan expected to cost up to 5.5-billion ($12.8-billion).

U.K. Entitlement Card Schemes, Population Registers and Identity Theft Fraud Consultation Report 

British ID Cards may not stop illegal aliens. - article 02/05

Finnish National ID Identification Smart Cards - The identification card is a secure network key for all on-line services which require the identification of a person, such as all government and many private sector services. The card enables the service provider to reliably identify the user. The card is also an official travel document for Finnish citizens in 29 European countries.

Hungarian Interministerial Committee on Information Society (ITKTB) was established on 25th February 2003 after the government decree 1214/2002 (XII.28) in the Ministry of Informatics and Communications. 

The ITKTB cooperates in processing the Hungarian Information Society Strategic and Action Plan. pdf

Thai Smart Identity Citizen Cards

03/05 - The government of Thailand plans to issue altogether 64 million smart ID cards over the next four years.

The Interior Ministry hopes to start issuing ''smart'' identity cards to citizens around mid-April when it expects to complete technical adjustments to make its operating system and software compatible with both old ID cards with a magnetic stripe and microchip-embedded smart cards.

A smart ID card also serves as a driving licence, a social security card and other essential cards, so its holder does not need to carry several cards. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra even wants the smart ID card to work as a phone card.

Chinese Identity Smart Cards

03/05 - China Vision is the only foreign-invested manufacturer among 10 firms approved to produce next-generation smart ID card reader machines and kiosks in China.

This is part of China's massive national ID card project - under which smart ID cards will replace paper ID cards, affecting some one billion people.

The project, due to be completed by 2008, is the largest single deployment of smart ID cards in the world.